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The Lash Bar and Spa carries and uses the Image Skincare Line of Products.  Image Skincare is an evidence-based clinical skin care company, providing professional skincare products and effective skincare solutions.

Image Skincare consistently produces the latest anti-aging, balancing, hydrating, and illuminating technologies. IMAGE Skincare professional products are solely sold by licensed aestheticians and physicians in spas, medical spas and physicians offices.

VITAL C Facial with Hydrating Enzyme Mask – $60

The VITAL C Facial is ideal for dry/dehydrated, rosacea-prone and sensitive skin due to harsh environmental stressors.  This Facial is high in anti-oxidants for ultimate protection and nutrition. The gently exfoliating Hydrating Enzyme Masque infused with Vitamin C sloughs away buildup of dead skin cells while injecting the skin with essential anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Provides continuous hydration for hours after application.

The Max Stem Cell Facial with Microdermabrasion – $75

The Max Anti-Aging Facial supports skin’s natural defense mechanisms and repairs cellular damage. It delivers unsurpassed preventative measures against the effects of aging with a unique blend of plant-derived stem cell technology and nutripeptides to help plump your skin. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells.

Clear Cell Facial with Couture Peel – $80

The Clear Cell Acne Facial utilizes the most effective acne fighting ingredients and potent anti-inflammatory botanicals. CLEAR CELL is effective skin care for acne that reduces inflammation, eliminates excess oil and purifies skin. The Couture Chemical Peel effectively treats wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation.