We apply Mink Lashes one at a time at your desired length and fullness. We use a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not damage the natural lash.  A full set of Mink Lashes will last up to 4 weeks.  A full set application will take up to 1 hour.  A refill will take up to 45 minutes.  Eyelash extensions can be removed using a safe solvent to break down the eyelash glue bonds.  The eyelashes will slide off easily and it will not harm or pull out your own eyelashes.

Brow extensions are also applied individually to build the perfect brow shape and fullness.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Fuller lashes that look and feel amazing.

Full Set – $75

1 Week Fill – $23

10 Day Fill – $25

2 Week Fill – $30

3 Week Fill – $40

Lash Removal – $25

EyeBrow Tinting – $20

With shaping – $30

Our staff uses a semi-permanent color to darken the appearance of your natural eyebrows.